Olangapo 30 ft. approx. Wrecked Pier.
Fear thou not; for I am with thee: be not dismayed; for I am thy God: I will strengthen thee; yea, I will help thee; yea, I will uphold thee with the right hand of my righteousness. King James Bible (Cambridge Ed.)

So many times in our lives we face different kinds of fears that makes us most of the times - back out. We always think we cannot do it, it won't gonna be successful, it won't work! We think ahead of what will happen after without even trying to do it first. But hey lest you forgot to pray in the morning, you can never wear the robe of protection and support from the Father. You won't have the confidence of dependence to our mighty savior. You will never learn to trust God if won't give Him the chance to prove it to you.

The Heights. This is one of the fears i hardly try to conquer. I tremble whenever i see depth and heights, it just makes me cry. Year 2011, our department had a spiritual retreat somewhere in Olongapo, Philippines. I was one of them. On the third day we had our commitment service and part of our commitment service was to jump over the wrecked pier (which is very difficult to climb up and you have no choice but stay stay up there or jump off because it is much dangerous to get back from where you climb up because of the slippery mosses formed in the broken cement road.) But  as a symbol of commitment 85% of us climbed up and do the crazy fearful thing i never dreamed to encounter. The height was 4 times double of my height and it took me almost 20 min to decide whether to jump or not and YES, I DID.

But tears flowed down into my quick right after. A mixed emotion of joy and victory was in my heart. If ever i have to die in defending what i know is right, i may be facing the same fear but with Christ in my heart i will be saved. I will be floating up to reach His hand and feel His comfort telling me "Everything's all right my Child, my hands hold you now.. Do not fear."

I believe that it wouldn't be the last height I will be facing in my life. Same as well to yours too. But don't my dear, as long as you hold the hands of the only life giver, you will be sustained. You will have the confidence of facing tomorrow with courage in your heart to fight for what is right.

Don't fear the heights. Up above or down below, God is with you. Hold on.

^_ ♪♫♪_^


A Call



Decision making for a wanderer is often dangerous. We are wanderers of this world we live in for this is not our place. But what a great wanderer you are if you come to wander everyday with Jesus. You will never get into the wrong path of life nor make a bad turn for mistakes.

In everyday of service that we have we make decisions. What we want, how we wear, how speak or use the talents we have. In the things we do we make decision and that decision make us influence others. But the question is.. how good or bad do we decide?

In positive or in negative way we are doing things that affects people around us. In some way or another, we can be an instrument for their happiness or tears, of their love or anger, or of courage and hope. And through all of these things there is someone who is being with us - our Maker.

A day will not be a day without a purpose to live and goals to achieve. If we are living a life with blurry days we cannot get ahead of a bright future. There should always something to finish, a call to answer.

In the end before we sleep we should be reminiscing our day.
Of what kind of call did you answer today?

How ever difficult or happy is your day i pray that in every fall of the sun to set so as we also became a blessing today.
Wake up and rest asleep with God. :)